‘The Animal Says…’ by Debra Wellington

Animals, and the sounds they make, are always good fun with little ones and ‘The Animal Says…’ book definitely is too. 

Debra Wellington has created a fabulous book that really has everything for our young children and readers.

We love Exmouth-based Deb’s illustrations. They’re colourful, fabulous and fun and make you want to roar just like the lion, to buzz just like the bee and, probably my favourite sound in the book, wheek just like the guinea pig! Her style is similar to that of the famous Eric Carle’s (The Hungry Caterpillar), and she uses recycled materials as much as possible especially as not much else was available over lockdown (when she created the book), she painted over them and cut them up resulting in a bright collageof her fabulous animal prints that is very inviting and appealing to young ones of all ages.

Each double page is dedicated to a different animal. The four lines of facts to go with each of the 10 animals are great for children, interesting, but not too many or too long. With my teaching hat on, I’d say it’s a fab introduction to non-fiction text – a text type that children often don’t get exposed to enough.

It’s a fun starting point for home projects – from art projects, acting out the animals (or shouting the noises!) to the children researching other animals to create a non-fiction book of their own.

We have re-read this book many times and it is great for both my 2 year old and 5 year old. The repeating line and the noises really lend themselves to lots of fun and collaborative reading. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Where to find The Animal Says

There are a few options to getting hold of a copy…
Amazon: The Animal Says (affiliate link)
Instagram: @debrartdesign
Online: Candyjarbooks.com
Local Independent businesses: @seaglass_lympstone@scarletgiftsexmouth@womb_to_grow@gingerbreadbudleigh
Copies have also been gifted to local libraries in Exmouth and Budleigh

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A little about the Author

“From a very early age I’ve always loved art and spending time being creative. On leaving college, where I studied graphic design, I bought my first flat, so needed a secure job to pay the bills. It was only during the COVID-19 pandemic that I decided to embrace my creative side again, but being lockdown it was difficult to get hold of all the materials I needed. Instead I recycled paper and materials as much as I possible, painting over them, and cutting them up to create my designs. I really enjoy colourful, quirky and whimsical designs which are fun to create.”

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