Spotting rainbows: the colourful side of the corona virus

Schools have now closed their doors to many children, and isolation or at least social distancing is now their, and our, lives for the foreseeable future. 

But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom.  Let’s spread some cheer and chase the rainbow all around town.

What do we do?

Get the children (or adults!) to create a rainbow: get out the colouring pencils, paints, chalks, junk modelling if you’re really ambitious and, when it’s finished, display it in your window facing outwards.  When we all head out for some fresh air and a walk, the children can have fun spotting the rainbows in their village, town or city and the adults can see the beauty in the symbol of a brighter future and solidarity.

Remember to also tag Little Devon #littledevon on Instagram so we can see and feature your lovely artwork and spread the joy.

Facebook group – Chase the rainbow

Instagram: #chasetherainbow

Without rain there would be no rainbows

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