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Phonics with Robot Reg (previously Sounds Right Phonics) – a class that makes learning sounds fun for both pre-schoolers and their adults through high energy dances, a Robot and hands-on activities.

A review of the Pre-schoolers sessions we were kindly gifted by Phonics with Robot Reg Exeter & Exmouth

Learning to read is a daunting prospect, and the early days of understanding sounds and phonemes is no different – but not when your little one is lucky enough to have the enjoyment of a Phonics with Robot Reg class.  There’s fun, tickles, pompoms, playdoh, games, and dancing; just the way learning should be for the under 5s.

The class, run by Jess, is friendly and most importantly, fun with high energy – and the added bonus of exposing the children to concepts and skills to be ‘school ready’.  Each week a new sound is introduced, with hands-on items, and the Jolly Phonics songs (the same phonics scheme that is used in many nurseries and preschools).  The children all get involved, repeating the sound, doing the actions and singing along (including when they get home!).

When the children are giggling about tickling their tummies, their toes, and their adults with cheerleader pompoms or ribbons, or when their fingers are competing in a race on their own playdoh race track, or when they are up and dancing (which has the added bonus of giving the adults a mini workout too!), little do they know they are actually developing gross and fine motor skills, which are essential for mark making and writing.

Robot Reg, the funny talking robot, is a key character of the class.  Once he is woken up by a chorus of bellowing pre-schoolers (which they find hysterical), he breaks down words into all the different sounds.  He introduces the concept of how the sounds join together to make up words – giving the children a taste of a fundamental skill that will be developed upon for reading.

The class draws to a close by bringing a nursery rhyme to life through song, props and acting.  When research shows that if a child knows eight or more nursery rhymes by heart, at the age of 4, that they are usually among the best readers by the age of 8, this is an enjoyable way of exposing the children to a variety of nursery rhymes and giving the that best chance.

This is all jam-packed into one 45-minute lesson.  The pre-schoolers love it and parents all have a smile on their faces too.

Who knew there’s such a wonderful way of learning?

When and Where?

Head over to our classes and group page to see some classes that are local to you. Jess at Phonics with Robot Reg offer our wonderful readers a lovely Little Devon Discount of 10% discount too.  Just mention Little Devon when booking.

The Franchise

Phonics with Robot Reg is a program developed by two Early Years Specialist teachers, which you can see in every part of the class. It is fun and educational, introducing what can be tricky concepts in a light-hearted and bite-sized way, all while the children have the emotional and physical support of their adult.  Jess, as a teacher herself, is able to ensure that the class remains fun, whilst helping the parents understand why each activity is so important for their child.

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