Rosie’s Breastfeeding Story


World Breastfeeding Week 🌷

This year I’m nursing two toddlers whilst growing a third baby inside me. It’s pretty incredible what our bodies are capable of. I’ve been extremely lucky in my feeding journey, that all problems I’ve come up against we’ve been able to overcome. I’m now coming up on 3 years of breastfeeding, which is not something I ever thought I’d do, but it’s been right for us. We’ve been tandem nursing for just over a year, and as of next year, could be looking at nursing three little ones.

I try to be open and honest about our feeding journey, it feels only right to normalise breastfeeding, and let other mamas who want to breastfeed see that it’s possible and ok and normal to do so. Unfortunately it seems that always comes with some negativity, inevitably I’m sure I will get some less-than-kind comments on here, as usual. It makes my stomach drop with anxiety every single time, but I push on and do my best to ignore it. It’s just a boob. Who hasn’t seen a boob?

Support is probably the most important part of breastfeeding, unfortunately the UK severely lacks in this department, due to a combination of cut funding, outdated western values, and lack of education on the matter. A devastating 80% of mothers who stopped breastfeeding in the early weeks wanted to continue. This shouldn’t be happening, and causes feelings of grief and guilt for these mothers, when it just isn’t their fault, and they should not ever feel guilty. Every mother deserves to be supported on her feeding journey, whether that be breast, bottle, expressed, or combi feeding. Every mother deserves to be supported to reach her breastfeeding goals, whatever they are, however long that may be. It’s why this week is so important, to highlight the issues mothers face, to offer support and solidarity.

It’s important to remember to be kind when talking about infant feeding, it’s an incredibly sensitive and emotive topic, and my only hope is that every single mother feels happy with her feeding journey, whatever that may be. 💕

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