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PR product review of Wishbone Flip kindly gifted by Whizz Kids Toys

Pre-kids, we parents spend time, effort and a fair amount of our hard-earned money to create our dream home interior.  Then along come children with their abundance of plastic tat and ruin it!  Now, there is a movement for beautiful children’s toys that can be out on display, which works well for the Scandi small world toys, but the bigger stuff can often still be a bit of an eyesore.  But no more.  If you’re looking for good-looking, fabulous toys that are all about fun, physical activity and will last longer than a 5-minute wonder then you have to meet Kes and her local, Exmouth-based company – Whizz Kids Toys.

The bikes, ride-ons, scooters, swings etc that she stocks have things in common: great design, beautiful craftmanship, and a long lifespan, both in durability and in how many years your little one will be entertained.  Let’s be clear, the toys are not cheap, but they are excellent value given how much they will be enjoyed. 

Wishbone Flip Review

We were kindly gifted the Wishbone Flip to review as a toy that both my 3.5-year-old and 10-month-old would enjoy.  I was dubious.  Surely the older would get bored with a little ride on? – Not a chance! She loves it and it is indeed brilliant for her and the baby and I love it too.  It’s flippin’ brilliant and here’s why:

It ticks both the adult and children boxes:

Why I love itWhy my children love it
A beautiful wooden toy with no annoying jingles!A colourful red
Stylish, with elegant curves and a playful charmFun eyes at the front
Versatile: Three toys in oneThree great toys
Functional: so easily flipped – no screws and can even be done one handed (my thoughts of how all things should be measured as a mum!)Easily flipped – my 3.5-year-old can do it. 
Longevity: it really will entertain them for years!
Engaged: I can see the fun they’re having in my children’s eyesRide on: “It’s super fun – it goes really fast!”

I love the quality of the flip and that both children really do get something from it.  The 10-month-old enjoys using it as a walker, rocking on it with his sister, and being pushed around by his big sister too! (Yes, his turns generally involve the older one!) When flipped (which really is so easy) the caster wheels manoeuvre in all directions and my three year old has thoroughly enjoyed spinning, ‘handbrake turns’ and racing.  Those wheels really do whiz!  Kes’ website also lists the play benefits for each toy she stocks – it’s so encouraging reading the physical benefits that your little one is gaining, all whilst playing.

In short – it looks great, it plays well, and it lasts well. 

What else is there?

More varities

The Wishbone Flip is great but perhaps a little wide for my 10 month old – maybe why he prefers to stand on it – eek! If you are buying it for one younger child you might like the smaller and narrower base of the Mini Flip or for a go-faster element the Mini Flip Racer. For me, it’s the caster wheels that enable it to truly whizz and makes it great fun for the older one. Racer all the way!

More toys

Having nosied around Whizz Kids Toys website a little more, functionality and great design really seem to be a feature of the toys that Kes chooses to stock.  I wish I had found it before we bought our girl her scooter from a well-known brand.  I plod along, my leg being hit with every step I take as I balance the now-abandoned scooter across the handle bars of the pram when she no longer wants to scoot.  Their Globber scooters offer the first foldable 3-wheel scooter on the market – well that would be useful! And they are cheaper than the one I bought too!

Party packages

Kes also offers party packages, hiring out Plasma ride-on cars which are suitable from the age of 3 years old right up to adults. (I know which of my friends would be wrestling them off the kids!)  The hire charges are very reasonably priced – click here to see the website for details

A little more about Whizz Kid toys

Kes, an ex-science teacher and sports scientist, runs her little company Whizz Kids Toys, based in Exmouth with the help of her product tester – her son, Joe. 

Kes and Joe

Whizz Kids Toys is a Community Interest Company (which are companies designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good). Kes’ main focus is about promoting physical activity in the Early Years. 

She says “I am passionate about sourcing high quality products that develop co-ordination, balance, and improve sensory processing. Not to mention encouraging them outdoors and building a sense of independence. This gives your child the brain boost they need.”  In turn, all this fun and gross motor skills development will help them in their early years’ primary education, including reading or writing across a page, gripping a pen or pencil, sitting upright at a desk or having the endurance to last a whole day at school.

We’re certainly chuffed to have discovered Whizz Kids Toys and hope that you love the products as much as we do.  In the words of Wishbone ‘Maybe you’ll buy less because your Wishbone is great’. I wholeheartedly believe this to be the case.

‘You should purchase only what you need and love. Nothing more.’


Little Devon Discount

Kes has kindly offered Little Devon readers a 10% Discount on any non sale items (excluding Standing Balance toys). Just quote Littledevon10 at payment.

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