Mummy to Belle’s Breastfeeding Story


It’s #worldbreastfeedingweek …….

Our journey has been difficult to say the least. Belle wouldn’t latch the first day she was born and had to be syringed fed. After some pretty tough manhandling by some of the midwives, we got her to latch but it was painful. I knew it wasn’t right but they kept reassuring me it looked fine. Day 7 and we ended up back in hospital due to more than 10% weight loss. At this point I was suffering from pnd and had enough. I wanted to give up and bottle feed. While in the hospital, I decided that actually I didn’t want to stop. I started using nipple shields to help with the pain and was topping up with formula or expressed milk. She soon put the weight back on.

Fast forward 2 weeks and Belle stopped latching again. We ended up seeing a breastfeeding specialist who diagnosed Belle with a tongue tie that had been missed at the hospital. This made so much difference, Belle’s latch started to improve and slowly I weaned her off the nipple shields and top ups with the help of the specialist. Now she’s exclusively breastfed and her latch is continually improving. I was determined to breastfeed for many reasons. But the most important ones for me where the bond between us and knowing that I’m giving Belle the best start to life.

Did you know that when a mother kisses her baby’s head, she can taste pathogens on the baby’s skin. Her body then makes antibodies in response to these pathogens that are given to the baby in the milk. Isn’t that amazing!!


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