Kirsty’s Breastfeeding Story

Our baby girl was born on 21st January 2020, now, at nearly 7 months, she is still breastfed. I am often congratulated for carrying on breastfeeding as long as I have, what I must mention is that breastfeeding has been hard. I had no clue that this would be so hard and often thought to myself
‘why aren’t more women talking about this, why did nobody tell me!?’

The day she was born, we had skin to skin contact for over an hour while she instantly took to breastfeeding, she made it look so easy. The weeks that followed were uncomfortable and tiring. She ate a lot, (and still does to this day) I had blood blisters on my nipples, lumps in my breasts that were painful, I regularly leaked, my breasts were engorged and different sizes, the boob to nipple ratio was weird, it was a plethora of mixed emotions and sensations that are still present. I would even become anxious to leave the house because I knew it meant getting a boob out in public. 

Now… I’m like a wizard at getting a nip out in public without anyone noticing (I literally walk through town with her feeding in the baby carrier), I understand the importance of a proper latch, how to express if I’m uncomfortable and most of all, how to confidently breastfeed. Whenever. Wherever. 

I had no clue that breastfeeding is not just about feeding your baby, the emotional side will open your eyes to a whole new world. Just read ‘the amazing science of mothers milk’ on

I am very fortunate I was able to breastfeed, I know how difficult it can be but we all know that every mum is doing their best and that’s all we can do. #wingingit

Little Devon
Author: Little Devon

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