Izzy’s Breastfeeding Story


Iris was born during lockdown and in those first few days of breast feeding I had no idea what I was doing, I remember crying as she cried, as she couldn’t get the milk she wanted. I knew something was wrong. A midwife visited me at home and telling me she shouldn’t be visiting me as it was putting other mums at risk….she just said after checking she didn’t have jaundice that you just need to feed her and left. 2 days later Iris had lost 15% of her weight and was severely dehydrated so admitted into hospital for a week. The week was so hard, no husband to support us due to visiting restrictions, Iris having a feeding tube inserted, differing views by the drs…

But with the support of some amazing midwives, Iris and I got the hang of it! The midwives gave me time, hugs (though breaking covid rules!) A cup of tea when all I wanted to do was just go home.

Iris is now 4 months old and still breastfeeding with one bottle of formula a day. She is full of smiles, has grown a lot of double chins and is super! The ironic thing is I am a paediatric dietitian, I have learnt all the textbook how to breast feed etc….but that isn’t real life. I now feel this whole experience has given me empathy and so much more understanding and I hope that I can use this when I return back to work to help support bf mums 😀

Little Devon
Author: Little Devon

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