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Hello! I am Emily, I am a youth worker by ‘trade’ but have always had a passion for writing, illustration and looking after our beautiful planet and the wildlife that lives here. When I had my daughter in 2018, I felt this would be a good opportunity to write my first Children’s book to help inspire Children to fall in love with the natural world and learn how to protect it. So ‘Hilda’s Forest’ was born! All about a hero hedgehog called Hilda who helps her friends become free from human litter. Throughout the remainder of my maternity leave, I learnt all about self publishing (not an easy job!) and in December 2018, I picked up my very first print run of ‘Hilda’s’ ready to share with friends, family and hopefully a wider audience. I now have three children’s books, the second; ‘Otto’s Ocean’ is also designed to encourage Children to love, respect and protect our planet and the third ‘Betty the Bee, what makes me- ME!’, which I released this summer, is designed to help children and their adults to explore emotions and mindsets- really important at the moment I feel! All of my books (when purchased from my website) are printed sustainably in the UK on FSC certified paper- Hilda and Otto are also printed on recycled paper so they are about as eco as you can get! All books can be signed and dedicated to the little person of your choice. Thank you for reading and I hope you like my little books!

Business Town: Sidmouth

Online Shop: http://www.hildasplanet.co.uk
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/hildasplanet_childrensbooks
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamhilda

Little Devon Discount: I can’t add a discount code function to my website as I use paypal buttons to check out. I am looking into this now so it might change. If people email or DM me stating ‘Little Devon’ I can offer a 20% discount on anything not already on offer!

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