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We are super excited, at Little Devon, as we have a line-up of fantastic local, Devon experts ready to impart their wisdom with Guest Blog Posts. The subjects range from education to weaning, from babies to mums and beyond. 

We’d all love to snuggle up and read a novel for a few hours, but that’s just not going to happen, so we hope we can feed your mind for a few minutes, probably while you’re feeding a baby! – if not grab a cuppa and sit and relax for a few minutes.  

Even better, these wonderful experts often offer our lovely readers a 10% Little Devon discount.

If there’s anything in particular that you’d be interested in reading about, or if you are an expert, then do get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email. 

Link through to each of the post below:

Ruth Harvey: Pod&Pea Nutrition

Ruth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 10 years experience in the NHS, research and private practice.  She has worked in many specialist areas during this time including gastroenterology (everything to do with the gut), research into gestational diabetes, PCOS, kidney disease and weight management, but it was her own journey into motherhood that gave her the passion to specifically help families.

Weaning; when, what and how?

Anna Dusseau: Homeschool Guru

Anna has worked for over 10 years in education – secondary school teacher, examiner, Enotes contributor, TES article contributor – and now has a popular homeschooling blog for which she has a book contract.

We’re so lucky she’s written a great article for Little Devon on how to survive our new world that we’ve all been thrust into of children being taught at home.

Anna now lives between Bedfordshire and Bordeaux, but grew up in Devon and went to St Peters School and the The Maynard School for sixth form. She loves Devon and places like Timepiece and Boston Tea Party in Exeter! “I wonder if they still exist.. “ she said. Oh yes!

Ground Control to Mabel’s Mum: Finding Your Feet in a Strange New World

101 ideas for homeschooling (1-10)

101 ideas for homeschooling (11-20)

Emma Lewry: Every Day’s A School Day

Every Day’s A School Day is run by Vix and Em, both teachers who are passionate about helping parents to understand the crazy world of school. As teachers, and friends of Mums, they know that school can feel really alienating to parents whether you’re just starting out on the journey or have had more than one child start school already. They want to break down the barriers between home and school, offering support and advice without the jargon or judgement. 

Em has been teaching for over 10 years mostly in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2. She has also been a Headteacher for 6 years in both a small village Primary School and a large coastal Primary School. She loves working with children and families although she says ‘it regularly drives me to reach for the Prosecco!’

Vix has been teaching for over 6 years. She has taught Foundation classes right up to Year 5, bringing her energy and humour into the classroom. Vix and Em used to share a Foundation/ Year 1 class, this is where the madness and a great friendship began! Em’s favourite quote from Vix to a four year old; “You can learn a lot from a Taylor Swift song, shake it off!”

School Readiness, what does it look like?

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