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8 out of 10 women stop breastfeeding before they want to. This is a shocking statistic. So its time to shout from the roof tops about different breastfeeding journeys, about the realities of it both physically and emotionally, and the support that is available, in the hope that if just one person can connect with a story, that could make a whole load of difference, but I have a feeling there will be a lot more than 1… So if mamas don’t want to stop, they shouldn’t need to (obviously medical conditions aside).

Thank you to the wonderful Devon mamas who have shared their stories to support others. These are some truly inspirational women who have been on incredible journeys to breastfeed. Not all are always positive – many have endured a fair amount of pain, mixed messages and emotions – but they share their story to help, to support and to normalise. Thank you. Click on their names to read the full story.

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We share birth stories and now we share breastfeeding stories too.

Your Breastfeeding journeys

Fran Minifie’s Breastfeeding Story: Adamant wouldn’t breastfeed, Revolting, Seeing it in public & friends changed mindset – normalised it, Benefits of Breastfeeding, Family wouldn’t be in the same room, It f***ing hurts at first. But you get through it. And then it’s wonderful. And so easy. So convenient.

Beth’s Breastfeeding Story: First daughter couldn’t breastfeed – PND & guilt, Second daughter latched immediately, Difficulties but adore nursing, 7 months and still going strong.

Ella May’s Breastfeeding Story: Latched straight away, Pain-free, Weight loss – importance of mummy and baby time together, Emotions of formula feeding, Weaned at 9 months, New special things.

Your Average Mum’s Breastfeeding Story: Latched straight away, Fitted in with lifestyle, Not nervous about public feeding, Weaned at 4.5 months, Don’t be put off – it’s one of the most amazing things and it’s free.

Esme & Iris’ Breastfeeding Story: Jaundiced & weight loss, Formula, Emotions of giving formula, Proud of 5 months of breastfeeding.

Izzy’s Breastfeeding Story: Lockdown Baby, Weight loss, Feeding tube, Support from midwives, Double chins, Mum a paediatric dietitian who knows the theory – but that isn’t real life.

Mummy to Belle’s Breastfeeding Story: Syringe fed, Formula top-ups, Tongue tie, Improved latch, Exclusively breastfed.

The Postpartum Physio’s Breastfeeding Story: Mastitis, Silver shields, Tongue tie, Lactation consultants, Lansinoh allergy, Support, The Will To Feed, Pain-free, Happy.

Rosie’s Breastfeeding Story: Tandem nursing, Feeding while pregnant, 3 years of breastfeeding, Be kind when talking about infant feeding.

Nikita’s Breastfeeding Story: Tricky start, Trained to be Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, Offers support via Nurslings and Mumma & Me.

Raising Revolutionaries’s Breastfeeding Story: Weight loss, tongue tie, WHO guidelines of breastfeeding to 2 years or beyond, self weaned at night, Our society does not take kindly to the image of a preschooler on the breast, however much a nearly four year old is well within developmental norms to be not quite weaned, sense of loss.

It just goes to show how normalising breastfeeding campaigns CAN and really DO make a difference. It changed my mindset, my life, and made the best memories for me.

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