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Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee, we created the Bee Revival Kit. Knowing how important bees are and how dangerously they are in decline, we wanted to do something to help. This is when we began designing a keyring to be readily available for the next time you meet a bee in need. Thanks to our wonderful ‘VIBs’ we launched in July 2019 and our kits have travelled all over the world, raising awareness for the importance of our precious pollinators!

Very quickly after launching we realised it had become a very popular gift to help spread awareness, empowering individuals of all ages to make a difference. We began offering a ‘gift-wrapping’ service to deliver direct to loved ones with personal messages.

Our range has now flourished to include adventure rucksacks and bee hotels – to encourage connecting with nature outside.

Bzz… our keyrings make great stocking fillers!

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