A Search for Happiness

We could all do with a little bit of magic in our lives right now and our children are no exception.  Passing on the ability to see magic in the everyday and in the little things would be a phenomenal gift to our little ones.  Imagine a generation who are no longer in the search for happiness, but have their own wellbeing figured out.  Wow what a legacy! That is exactly what A Search for Happiness, a children’s book academically researched and written over the past 3 years, hopes to promote.

A Search for Happiness is a fun, inclusive children’s book, based on happiness themes. The book is beautifully interactive with picture searches and questions for your child to answer, all to help Zob the alien. These question open up the chance to chat and they support us parents in starting positive conversations with our children about what makes for a happy and fulfilling life. The playful rhyming throughout and wonderful illustrations from local artist, Rosie Johnson, all make it really enjoyable to read together, or to dip into.

The story is a quest for Zob, from the planet Sob, to learn about happiness on planet earth.  He does this with the help of James and Jen and of course your child too. The pages take you to many familiar places such as the playground, the park, the home, the classroom and each has a happiness theme that is discussed such as hobbies, kindness, friendship skills, spending time in nature, time together and recalling happy memories.  The reader is then asked to reflect on what they like to do/see/play and can, of course, take inspiration and prompts from the pictures. 

A Search for Happiness’ publication day was delayed due to covid, but it is covid that, in my eyes, has meant that it is even more an important book to have on our children’s bedside table.  As a mother, I worry constantly about my child, who doesn’t?! and love that reading (already a favourite hobby) can help to nurture positivity, promote wellbeing and help our children make healthy, happy habits. 

There is no doubt that our children are suffering through this pandemic and the effect on their mental health is real and immense.  A search for happiness in the little things in life could not be more poignant and important than in the years 2020 and 2021.

Where to find A Search for Happiness

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