5 Reasons why lockdown is the best time to try reusable nappies.

While we’re all in Lockdown, and bound to the confines of our ‘castle’, we think there has never been a better time to try out reusable nappies.  Here’s our top 5 reasons:


The stockpiling headlines might be about loo roll, tinned tomatoes and pasta but we know that when little ones are involved it’s the stockpiling of calpol, wet wipes and nappies that we’re just as fearful of.  Using reusables, you’ll never run out of a nappy or a wipe again! – just make sure you have enough washing powder!

Stuck at home

There’s no doubt that there’s a bit more faff with reusable nappies than disposables, especially when out and about.  There’s no throwing the used wipes, nappy and its contents in the nearest bin so ‘wet’ or ‘dirty’ bags are essential.  While we’re confined to our homes for the most part of the day, you can get used to the other elements of reusables without having to have this as a hurdle. 

Support local

In this testing time, there has never been a better time to support local.  As we’ve seen on social media: support those who you want to be there when the covid-19 is over.  With UK companies creating beautiful designs of reusable nappies and independent children’s boutiques and nappy advisors selling stock, now is the time to shop local. 

Spring time

The weather is turning brighter and warmer.  Drying the nappies and wipes are quick and easy and the colourful prints look gorgeous hanging on the line.

Save the planet

The environmental impact of lockdown is huge.  All forms of transport have greatly reduced and as such our CO2 emissions as a nation and world have plummeted.  Thoughts are on wasting less and using within our means and taking the step to reusables (even if it’s just to start with one set of wipes and a nappy or two) continue that ‘good for the planet’ mentality.

📸 with Thanks to @life_with_berkeley for the gorgeous image of Berkeley wearing Littles & Bloomz.

Little Devon
Author: Little Devon

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