101 ideas for Homeschooling (31-40)

Guest Blog post by homeschool guru, Anna Dusseau.

Anna has worked for over 10 years in education – secondary school teacher, examiner, Enotes contributor, TES article contributor – and now has a popular homeschooling blog www.homeschoolguru.org for which she has a book contract. Anna now lives between Bedfordshire and Bordeaux, but grew up in Devon and went to St Peters School and the The Maynard School for sixth form. She loves Devon and places like Timepiece and Boston Tea Party in Exeter! “I wonder if they still exist.. “ she said. Oh yes!

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Click here for Anna’s third set of ideas (21-30) for homeschooling.

31. Binge reading. If your kid is a bookworm and able to read independently, now is the time to let them just disappear in a book for hours on end. Be sure to buy the entire series of Potter, or Lemony Snickett, normally available at a reasonable price second hand.

32. Bike ride. Perfect if you have outside space and can maintain social distance. Even better, plan a bike ride with an agenda or topic to pursue (e.g. signs of springtime) and collect items along the way to bring home for a collage.

33. Make your own kite. There are some great tutorials out there for this and you don’t need much in the way of craft items. You could even find light sticks or twigs from your recent bike ride to use as the central structure!

34. Family dance routine. Oh, this is our favourite! You could look up something fun on YouTube to learn (like ‘how to Dougie’ or a barn dance) or have a go at your favourite dance sequence from a movie. Just be careful with the lift from Dirty Dancing!

35. Make your own board game. This one needs planning and is great for uniting older and younger siblings, as the big ones inevitably take the lead but you can get everyone involved by delegating tasks like making the dice, writing the rule book, colouring the board etc.

36. The mindful menial. In our house, we do the washing up by hand rather than use the dishwasher and this is just one example of how we get everyone involved in helping out around the house. It’s a great excuse to listen to music or a podcast, discuss and feel united as a family.

37. Write a joke book. Another bonding activity that unites older and younger siblings. Keep it clean, people! You might have a tiny scribe. Go crazy and design a front cover, blurb and so forth. This could take an entire morning and is superb for concentration and organisation.

38. Ambitious puzzling. Everyone loves a good puzzle, but now that we are all locked in for at least 12 weeks, it’s time to dust off the 1000 piece train puzzle that never gets touched and have a go at it. Think teamwork. This might take several days or weeks.

39. Photography competition. A good way to introduce this is to look at photography categories and ideas online, then discuss as a family the rules and – possibly – category for the photography competition. Let me know if you come up with a catchy idea!

40. Zoom session. If your kids love rhyme time or assembly at school, why not get together with a small group of friends and plan a Zoom session where your children can all say hi, sing along together and touch base with the world outside?

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