101 ideas for Homeschooling (21-30)

Guest Blog post by homeschool guru, Anna Dusseau.

Anna has worked for over 10 years in education – secondary school teacher, examiner, Enotes contributor, TES article contributor – and now has a popular homeschooling blog www.homeschoolguru.org for which she has a book contract. Anna now lives between Bedfordshire and Bordeaux, but grew up in Devon and went to St Peters School and the The Maynard School for sixth form. She loves Devon and places like Timepiece and Boston Tea Party in Exeter! “I wonder if they still exist.. “ she said. Oh yes!

Click here for Anna’s first set of ideas (1-10) for homeschooling.

Click here for Anna’s second set of ideas (11-20) for homeschooling.

21. Free baking. An immersive task and great fun for the kids. Allow them to choose a baking recipe to follow and – other than making sue they don’t burn themselves on the oven – give them total freedom to do it on their own. Of course they’ll make mistakes, but they will love it and learn loads!

22. Sink or float? Run a bath of cold water and collect at least 10 different items from around the house. Do the kids think they will sink or float in the water? You could discuss your ideas and create a table to record your results. Key words: hypothesis, density, porous.

23. Make a music video. Time to sit down with a laptop and show them a load of fun and age-appropriate music videos, then discuss what song they will lip sync to and how the video should be filmed. Think: costumes, locations, turn taking, who will film it on their phone etc.

24. DIY. If you have a wall that needs painting, or a table that requires sanding down, now is the time to get the kids involved in physical activities around the house. Put on some music or an audiobook and enjoy the time together.

25. Fashion show! We are doing this tomorrow actually, as my kids have outgrown a lot of their old clothes. We thought, as we decide which ones are going to charity and which ones the lucky, lucky third child is going to inherit, we could put some music on and turn it into a fashion show. Genius?

26. Musical education. Make every day of the week dedicated to a different type of music, for example: Monday Rock, Tuesday Pop, Wednesday House, Thursday Country, Friday Classical, Saturday Disco, Sunday Reggae etc. Be sure to immerse yourself in the genre each day.

27. Interview a relative. Now that you’re not allowed to actually go visit grandma, why not talk about what life might have been like 50 years ago and come up with a list of questions to ask in a phone or Skype interview. Bet you grandma will love it.

28. Model house. Do you have creative kids? Keen to develop their maths brains and turn them into mini architects? Okay, so get your older ones taking the dimensions of the house (this can be as detailed or basic as they want) and creating a cardboard scale model. Wowza!

29. Bug hunt. How many different kinds of bugs can you find in your back garden or the space outside your house? Make a note of all the different creatures you see, with photographs or drawings to accompany your notes.

30. Musical recital. What’s your favourite song right now? Can they learn the lyrics and sing it? Would it sound better if you add musical instruments? If you don’t have loads at home, upturned saucepans and tupperware can work as drums.

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