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Our classes utilise the most up to date research into babies’ brain development and play, and combined with a warm welcome and relaxed child led atmosphere it is our aim that you will experience a class which is totally different.

The Nurture Nest is our birth to 9m group where we share information with parents about their baby’s brain development as well as provide gentle baby led activities which support bonding and attachment.

Fledglings is our crawlers to 2 years group. This group provides little ones with the opportunity to explore a range of natural and every day objects which promotes their in built patterns of play.

General Information

Age range:



Baby and Toddler Development

Session times and addresses:  

The Nurture Nest = birth to 9 months

Fledglings = crawlers to 2 years old

Monday: Cullompton Scout Centre, 150 Greystone Walk, Cullompton EX15 1GL

Tuesday: Rockbeare Village Hall, 21 Rookswood Ln, Rockbeare, Exeter EX5 2LG

Generally speaking Cullompton classes are on a Monday and Rockbeare classes on a Tuesday however occasionally it is necessary to change the day for a half term due to bank holidays/prior venue bookings etc. We will try and advise re this each half term.


£42 per half term 10% discount for Little Devon readers.  Please quote ‘Little Devon’ at booking.

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Contact Nurture baby via Facebook or email

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Facebook: NurtureBaby

About the group:

Sarah and Ellie are highly qualified and experienced early years professionals who have worked extensively with children and families over many years.


Parking: Yes

Public transport: Yes

Food and drink: Refreshments provided for parents

Buggy friendly: Yes

Toilets: Yes

Baby changing: Yes

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