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The online magazine for everyone who has these things in common: a love of our glorious county, Devon, with a desire to explore it more and a little one, to entertain, to nurture and to have fun with. Life is busy.  That is why we need good, honest and interesting articles to help make daily life a little easier and sometimes inspiring.  Whether it’s discovering a hidden gem café with excellent coffee and cake along with space for a whole NCT group and the buggies galore (so much stuff!) or a woodland walk with a blissful picnic spot – we’ve got it covered.  Our children are privileged to grow up with sandy beaches, moorland national parks and medieval towns in their back garden.  We, at Little Devon, hope to do the hard work so you can simply pack the car and get out to explore our glorious county, making fantastic memories with your little one.  We will also throw in some wonderful goodies made right here in Devon and, in time, articles that feed the mind and help us to stay sane too.

How was Little Devon born?

Little Devon is my second child.  (Fourth if you count the cat and the dog, fifth if you add the husband in there too).  Having not long moved to Devon and certainly not explored it very well, I had the gift of ‘time to discover’ during maternity leave (yes time is very much in inverted commas!).  I was in a whole new world of babies and I wanted to know what there was to do in Devon.  Suitable events, walks and days out were frustratingly difficult to find and when found, lacking in detail.  There was certainly no one place that achieved all this, so, after many-an-hour during night feeds trying to google and Facebook what’s on for little ones, what’s interesting for new mums, and where to have adventures in our wonderful county, the idea of Little Devon was conceived. I hope that Little Devon will help Devon mums in their mum journey.  Because we all need a little help from time to time, whether that help is a 5 min break with a good magazine, plans ready-made for a day trip, or to exercise the mind with an interesting article.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.  We hope you enjoy.

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